About Us


Rohrmüller Medical was established by David Rohrmüller in 2008 with the primary role of offering training services to the Norwegian Air Ambulance Trust (SNLA) as the main customer. It gained momentum fast which lay the grounds for numerous projects. These had initially only focus in emergency medicine, guiding, moutaineering and teambuilding, and gradually other aspects of the founder's life. This included project development and investment.

When you are good at working with critically ill and severely injured people, you have to make the right decisions under pressure. These decisions will have consequences which can be big, and the results can be seen quite fast. You also see people in a crisis. These people come from all walks of life, highly educated, successful and with a lot of financial wealth, young people with big ambitions and plans having their whole life in front of them, to people who only have minutes or hours to live, are in the final stages of their life, have suffered for many years, are disillusioned, have a broken heart or start to understand that life as they knew it has fundamentally changed forever. They express anger, sorrow, desperation, pain, joy, gratitude, care.

Such experiences deeply affect and give tools in handling many aspects of (professional) life. It cannot be gained as quickly and easily as factual knowledge can. I am therefore convinced that a background in emergency medicine provides a solid basis for activities and occupation in many areas especially in the business world. Both, the human biology and therefor psychological aspects lay out the grounds for all interaction, decision making and the desire for progression. This we wish to built on, so that people and companies can come some steps closer the desire to become the best version of themselves.


Rohrmüller Medical is characterized by:

  • Professionalism
  • Knowledge
  • Reliability
  • Flexibility

Providing these services on a high level demand extensive education and experience.


  • Diploma in Project Management (Skema Business School).
  • Norwegian registered health personnel (national registered nurse, emergency medical technician).
  • Britisk Health and Safety Executive (HSE), offshore medic.
  • Irish Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council (PHECC), paramedic.
  • European Resuscitation Council (ERC), advanced life support.
  • National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT)
  • Joint Aviation Regulations / HEMS-Crew Member (JAR-OPS 3, JAR FCL)
  • International Diploma in Mountain Medicine (NFS, ICAR, UIAA).
  • Norwegian national course in casualty triage.


  • Public institutions
  • Fire brigades
  • Doctor's offices
  • The military
  • Police academies
  • Industrial companies
  • Universities
  • Non governmental organizations (NGOs)
  • Groups / guides
  • Private individuals

Medical services like responsibility for sick bay, medical care, advanced first aid, consulting in different types of equipment and emergency preparedness have been used by the oil- and gas industry, companies and individuals.

What customers say

First of all, I must say that I quickly realized that you really know what you are teaching, both theoretically and practically! You created a nice and fun atmosphere on the course, and I got the impression that everyone was very happy already the first day with the program.

The course was set up in a good pedagogical way, and I really liked the variation with breaking up theory into blocks with practical parts and group work.

I am very happy with the gatherings and have learned a lot! I definitely recommend you as a course instructor! Thanks!

Øystein, Wilderness First Responder course

I suppose I am speaking for all participants in saying that the course was very good and with great benefit to all of us. It was very interesting and useful to learn more about what actually happens.

Ingeborg, project manager

I have been in touch with everyone on the staff on how they experienced the course yesterday, we did not get an evaluation form, but we would like to send a little anyway.

The course was experienced by everyone as professional and rewarding. Until now, the best first aid course we have arranged in our kindergarten. The instructor was credible and was very thorough in the review of theory. At the same time we received a lot of practical exercises. Such courses are so important, and at least our kindergarten had a great deal of benefit.

Hanne, CEO

Thanks to the course leader and instructor David for good and relevant competence, involvement by using professional competence from the group, pedagogical advancement, and which, through his dialogue and self-knowledge, ensured that the entire group sat engaged upright in the heather.

Ola Kleiven, mountain medicin course participant

The staff at () law enforcement agency boast of you and say they are delighted to have attended a course with you as an instructor.

Thank you very much for a very good first aid course! I have received many good feedback from the participants who were very pleased. David is a very skilled course leader and teacher.

Hans Erik, leader

We were very pleased with you. Keep it going.

Rolf, fire commissioner

I would like to provide feedback that we are extremely pleased with the course, 3rd January. The staff says that they have not had a better instructor than David on this subject. Greet him so much from us!

Aud, principal