We are capable of providing all courses in English, Norwegian and German.

Target group: Laymen, health personnel, mountain guides, expedition participants, (eg: on a sailing boat, diving, mountaineering, in mines, on a world travel), hikers, journalists and cameramen.

  • Mountain medicine course summer (runs over 2 days).
  • Mountain medicine course winter (an active day outside in winter). Both of these courses focus on first aid off the beaten track (first aid in the mountains), where there is no flight weather for an air ambulance, or a lack of mobile coverage, i.e. where you can be solely responsible for a patient for a long time.
  • 16 hour first aid course for British Canoeing kayak guides.
  • Basic anatomy, physiology and pathology are a prerequisite for understanding processes in the body.
  • Procedures for acute incidents, illnesses and injuries.
  • Courses in medical suturing, use of immobilization equipment, oxygen, splinting, as well as other skills relevant to groups who have to manage on their own.
  • Rescue technical courses focusing on search, rescue and evacuation as well as training with superior equipment like the SKED® Stretcher for transportation in all kinds of terrain and Oregon Spine Split 2 ® for immobilization.
  • Practical training of scenarios and development of procedures.


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