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Rohrmüller Medical offers consulting and coaching, project management, training in first aid, team building and medical services, as well as sale of specific products.

We have high expertise and broad experience in these fields and are qualified according to national and international certifications.


Covid-19 in 2022 og Nuvaxovid (vaccine)


Exoskeletons - a solution to many problems?


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Are you interested in having your idea or prototype develped into a product we get on the market?

Survival and team skills

Courses which focus on necessary skills, mindset and equipment, including counseling.

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Defibrillator Fred Easyport

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The world's smallest automated external defibrillator.

Truly amazing and ideal for mountain rescue operations.

Also available in manual mode. Shows ECG in display.

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Aircraft fire suppression system


Manually deployable fire suppression system for the engine compartment AND cockpit of a light sport / ultralight aircraft.

Does NOT utilize Halon but a highly effective water based extinguishant.

Read more HERE.

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First of all, I must say that I quickly realized that you really know what you are teaching, both theoretically and practically! You created a nice and fun atmosphere on the course, and I got the impression that everyone was very happy already the first day with the program.

The course was set up in a good pedagogical way, and I really liked the variation with breaking up theory into blocks with practical parts and group work.

I am very happy with the gatherings and have learned a lot! I definitely recommend you as a course instructor! Thanks!

Øystein, Wilderness First Responder course

The staff at () law enforcement agency boast of you and say they are delighted to have attended a course with you as an instructor.

Thank you very much for a very good first aid course! I have received many good feedback from the participants who were very pleased. David is a very skilled course leader and teacher.

Hans Erik, leader
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Vacant engagement


I am looking for you, with the right background:

Are you a sales and marketing professional or engineer and have extensive experience in your field, be it advertising, prototyping or rescue operations - then I want to get in touch with you!

Drop me an email with your CV attached and write a bit about yourself!

Mountain medicin course 2022


We are already booked for various advanced moutain- and remote medicine courses in 2022. Don't hesitate and take contact for a standard or custom course.

Gather 8-15 friends and we can hold a course anywhere in Scandinavia, when it fits you!