Emergency medical care / MEDIC

You have signed your insurance papers, you have trained many times for different incidents in the environment in which you will operate, everyone on your team knows basic first aid - you have ensured that. You start the assignment or trip with great motivation.

Then it happens: One person on the team gets seriously injured. You have a thousand thoughts in your head: Call for help, open airways and put the victim in recovery position, making sure to keep him or her warm... you can do all that and take care as best as you can. But still, it doesn't help. 

The weather doesn't allow for helicopter evacuation, you don't have a signal (net coverage) in the area - or it simply takes too long to get organized help where you are... 

Wouldn't it be reassuring to have dedicated healthcare personnel with you who know a little more, who can provide qualified help in the first few hours (or longer)? Wouldn't it have been reassuring to not have to lead such operations - or to make decisions - such as moving a badly injured patient with a suspected back injury from an unsafe area to a more suitable place?

We in ROHRMÜLLER MEDICAL are used to thinking worst case.

Some may call it crisis maximizing. But that is not the goal: You must be aware that any activity can have serious consequences. We will ensure that you are prepared in the best possible way to deal with these; either through education and training, or through receiving guidance and support along the way.



  • Contracting qualified personnel as well as medical and rescue gear for securing medical care during expeditions, tours, search assignments, etc.


  • Implementation of assignments from:
    LAND (qualification in mountain- and expedition medicine)
    SEA (maritime rescue and medicine, including offshore survival)
    AIR (HEMS-Crew-Member, missions conducted by helicopter)
  • Services like remote site medic.


You can read this article for a story and some lessons learned on how fast things can go South, even for a professional alpine rescue team.





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