Active listener

Do you need to talk to someone about a challenge, a problem or difficulty in your life?

You will meet authorized healthcare personnel with many years of experience in communicating with people in crisis, but no psychologist or coach. Thus, this service is neither (psycho)therapy, nor follows a specific line or school.

However, we apply many recognized principles from psychotherapy and crisis management.

I myself have on occasion missed being able to go for a run with someone, or go on a walking or skiing trip, and then vent my thoughts, rather than sitting inside and sharing ideas. You will be able to find such a conversation partner here, on your terms. The vast majority only offer such services sitting on a sofa, or via video conference. Perhaps you are so busy in everyday life that you want to combine conversation with exercise, or you feel that the setting of sitting inside face-to-face is too sterile.

I will ensure that the conversation is purposeful and focused on the topic or topics that you wish to discuss, regardless of the location.

My aim is that you can meet a third party who is not biased by the situation you are in, who can listen and give input if desired. You are not paying to be advised to go a certain way, but to spend time in dedicated company, aimed at your needs.

I recommend everyone to tend to close friends and family in the first instance, but it isn't always possible to have a friend available. Perhaps you also want a completely different perspective, or simply a confidential conversation that has no impact on your immediate environment.

You can come for a conversation in fresh and rural premises here in Innlandet/Norway, or we can meet outdoors. There is also the possibility of a video call, although it is the least desirable solution. You decide the arena to the greatest extent possible, it should be helpful for you, not as comfortable as possible for me.

Offers in this category include: 

  • Conversations about problematic stressors (at work, at home, with others or yourself)
  • Input in relation to life situations (unemployed, work intensity, goal-oriented, single, difficult)
  • Gain new perspectives on something you struggle with
  • Getting back on your feet after a loss
  • Get started on new goals you have set for yourself
  • Discuss expectations
  • Talk about challenges at home
  • Get support after a breakup
  • Request in being observed and experienced in a specific setting
  • Contact with health personnel without a connection or association to the public sector


Advantages of this are:

  • You get access to a conversation partner at short notice during and outside working hours
  • You meet someone who has the skills and physique to meet you in arenas other than a room with an armchair or sofa.
  • Possibility to use other methods: Some work better by being exposed to the elements and feeling emotions through the body.
  • I am subject to the same duty of confidentiality as employees in health institutions
  • You don't have to commit to a long and binding agreement 
  • I am not colored by a special type of school, but use experiences from many years of knowledge in listening, supporting and helping people through difficult times and from an operational environment.

Disadvantages of this are:

  • You do not meet a trained or certified psychologist
  • It is not therapy based on a diagnosis that leads to the improvement of a condition
  • There is no possibility of interdisciplinary collaboration (e.g. where medication is necessary).
  • You cannot apply for financial support from the health care system.


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