Incidence / Emergency Response Team (IRT / ERT)

Do you need members for a team that can solve a difficult project - like finding and extracting values or people?

Have you lost an item, a vessel, equipment, are you searching for an object, filming at a remote or demanding location or need support in finding and evacuating a person or family?

Are you planning an expedition and need team members that can take various roles, are jack-of-all-trades rather than specialists?

In addition to the sole MEDIC role we can offer relevant personnel and equipment to solve missions that demand safety and planning.

We can aid with knowledge and specialized equipment including:

  • Evacuation and breaching / extrication equipment
  • Medtech equipment
  • Vertical access gear
  • Communications equipment
  • Navigation equipment
  • Personal gear to survive in all types of terrain

Our background makes us comfortable in a number of demanding situations and can contribute with knowledge and engagement in solving your problems.


Interested in Incidence / Emergency Response Team (IRT / ERT)?