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113-app for iPhone and Android. It shows your cell phone's GPS position while on call with the Norwegian emergency services (fire brigade, police, ambulance). It also sends your position if you have net coverage and registered the app.

Make an emergency poster which shows your position: 

1. Go to, zoom in to the desired location, or search for a place with a name.
2. Tap the map to highlight position.
3. Then select "Create Emergency Poster" from the menu and follow the guide to print it out (in Norwegian).

It will show LAT-LONG position (in degrees, minutes, seconds, and in text) on a straightforward page that can be printed out and hung e.g. in your cabin or a place without a postal address. Can be easily used by people without knowledge of GPS. Here you can find further information (in Norwegian) about this cooperation project between the Norwegian Mapping Authority (Statens Kartverk) and the Norwegian Rescue Control Center (Hovedredningssentralen).

Tips: In the same manner you can download free of charge topographic maps of Norway (1:50.000 and 1:25.000)!

ÖBRD - Cheap insurance!

The Austrian Mountain Rescue Service has a unique sponsor and insurance arrangement that includes a rescue insurance - which works worldwide for both mountains (below 6.000m), expeditions, water and air)!

Stop or go method ©

This is my translation into Norwegian of the Stop or go method ©, developed by the Austrian alpine club, which is the gold standard in the German-speaking world for risk assessment of ski trips, winter mountaineering, snowshoe tours and snowboarding.

Medical and mountain rescue technical recommendations and studies from the International Commission of Alpine Rescue (ICAR).

The Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation (SNLA) was a long-standing collaboration partner.  SNLA has a research department and can be supported via membership.

James Wesley Rawles blog contains an enormous database with lots of useful and relevant knowledge about preparedness, medical and community relevant debates, etc.

Competence organ in Europe for CPR and resuscitation.

Platform which promotes first aid, training and research.

CPR guideline posters from the Norwegian Resuscitation Council (NRR) can be downloaded directly for personal use.

Where there is no Doctor

Comprehensive manual. Can be downloaded free of charge from the website of Hesperian publications.