Farm Rental

  • Do you consider moving to Scandinavia?
  • Do you dream of buying your own farm but want to test it first together with your partner before committing to invest?
  • Are you a perpetual traveler / follow the flag theory and want a legal address in Norway?
  • Does your whole family like to travel to Norway, but AirBnb and camping grounds have become too expensive?
  • Are you considering a safe country as a backup location in case of unrest?
  • Would you like to have a plot of land at your discretion without having to buy it?


This might just be the place for you.


I privately offer the chance for you to rent a small farm with good sun and soil conditions in a quiet agricultural and forest commune in Eastern Norway not far from the Swedish border


It is located a 2 hour drive Northeast from the capital, Oslo, as well as Oslo Airport (Gardermoen), but still off the beaten track. No highways lead to this place, but snow plowed roads all year round. The nearest shops are 10km away, as well as schools and emergency services, nearest city (and hospital) is a 35 min drive. Walking distance to lakes, many kilometer of cross country skiing tracks and gravel roads, right next to a very big forest with moose and deer. Biking distance to the river Glomma and Finnskogen forest that stretches for hundreds of square kilometers into Sweden. There is also an airstrip in the area.


Two options are available:

  • You can rent the whole place e.g. as a couple or family, OR 
  • You can ask for individual rental together with likeminded people (community). 


The price is 2500 NOK (200 EUR/USD) /month per head. For a whole family it would be 4000 NOK (350 EUR/USD) / month. Bitcoin subject to current conversion rates.

The place has a total of over 5000 m2 or 0,5 ha and offers enough space to place a tiny house / microhouse, camper, caravan, tent / Lavvu AND greenhouse, vegetable garden OR all together.

You also get access to your own forest patch and you are allowed to take out wood and timber for self support, cutting your own firewood. In this patch you could also place a tent, Arctic Dome or temporary hut.

The farm has a big old wooden barn with bricked part for animals. It needs some love but offers enough space for storage, a big scene / party area, and it’s own space for a couple of horses, cows, goats.

As of now, there is no electricity, but this can be connected. The place has good 5G mobile internet connection and there is even fiber optic internet available. The place MIGHT be suitable for people with EHS (Electro Hyper Sensitivity).

The farm has a dug well that might run dry during the summer, but can be filled with a water truck. There are other self sufficient options that you, as a prepared individual, probably are aware of.

The sun conditions are great, also during winter, so you have the chance to make use of solar collectors for electricity and/or heating water. A farmer close by even grows berries, but root vegetables, potatoes, grain etc are no problem.

There is also a sewer on the farm.

The farm house is in bad conditions and can NOT be used in current conditions. The repair is not feasible but you will be allowed to place buildings and tear down existing buildings after prior agreement.

Things you CAN do:

  • Register as main residence (many places in the woods in Norway are regulated as huts and this cannot be legally achieved there). This offers you the opportunity to get a permanent residence after some years and even citizenship if you so wish.
  • Place or build your own microhouse that you can move with you later.
  • Have animals like chicken, sheep, horses, donkey, cows, geese, bees, rabbits or goats. Just to give you the idea. But a dog, cat or anything else is of course also welcome.
  • Plant your own garden.
  • Place your own rain collection system, generator, solar panels, a small shipping container, other necessary equipment.
  • Use the area as a vacation place.
  • Have the place periodically checked while you are away.
  • Rent gear and equipment you might need.
  • Get first hand consulting and training opportunities.

 Things you CANNOT do:

  • Anything illegal.
  • Buy the place.
  • Trash it, “hoarding” of stuff like trucks, littering, etc.
  • Expect to be taken care of in any type of crisis!

Things you HAVE to do:

  • Follow the (common) rules per the contract and provide a valid ID.
  • But first:

 Get in touch with an introduction of yourself and pose questions you might have.


 Get in touch with an introduction of yourself and pose questions you might have.


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