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Rohrmüller Medical is a company that focuses on training in advanced first aid and medical services, like emergency medical care during expeditions.

We have high expertise and broad experience among these fields and are qualified according to national and international certifications.


Medical services

Contracting of qualified medical personnel with medical and rescue technical equipment to secure your medical needs during expeditions, excursions and search operations.

Survival and team skills

Courses which focus on necessary skills, mindset and equipment, including counseling.

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Thanks to the course leader and instructor David for good and relevant competence, involvement by using professional competence from the group, pedagogical advancement, and which, through his dialogue and self-knowledge, ensured that the entire group sat engaged upright in the heather.

Ola, mountain medicin course participant

The staff at () law enforcement agency boast of you and say they are delighted to have attended a course with you as an instructor.

Thank you very much for a very good first aid course! I have received many good feedback from the participants who were very pleased. David is a very skilled course leader and teacher.

Hans Erik, leader
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Vacant engagement


We are always in demand for medical professionals with emergency care and/or wilderness medicine background:

Are you a medical doctor, nurse or paramedic and have extensive experience in rescue operations OR teaching? - Then we want to get in touch with you!

Drop us an email with your CV attached and write a bit about yourself!

Mountain medicine course, WINTER 2018


This year's last 15 h mountain medicine course for DNT guides has finished sucessfully. Now it is time to apply for the WINTER part of this course. It is scheduled in February 2018.

Focus will be hypothermia as well as avalanche rescue and patient simulation scenarios outdoors. This is a practical course with lots of hands-on-training.

You can apply HERE.

This course will be held in Norwegian, but we regularly have international participants.



Merry Christmas and a happy new Year 2018!

Take contact for course offers spring 2018.

Fire safety


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