Do you have the solution to a problem in society? 

Do you have an idea that could change the world? 

Would you like to develop a product or do you have a prototype which would be beneficial for many people? 

Do you know about something that generates value? 


Maybe you have been laid off as a result of the changed market and Covid-19? Now you are in your home office or your workshop and finally have the opportunity to realize the dream you have had for many years. You can now finally focus on what you REALLY are passionate about.


Maybe you have developed a functioning prototype or you're in the concept- and design-phase.

Then I am looking for you!


I am always interested in creating something new and helping change the world. I can become your business partner and contribute with fresh capital and man-power, versatile knowledge and work capacity.

From own experience I know that there are limits to what you can achieve by yourself in a day. But if there are two people, many more possibilities open up. It motivates to have someone to carry the load with, especially when not all tasks are always equally exciting.

My areas of interest are technology development, aviation, AI and future-oriented systems that the world needs. Do not be disturbed by the "Medical" in the company name. It does not have to be medically oriented.

Here you can read an article about technical solutions in renewable energy and remote controlling of heating systems.


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